Fraser River to Harrison Hot Springs

  1. Slick
    Good Morning All!
    I'm planning a PWC Trip from the Mouth of the Fraser up to Harrison for a group of guys. I was hoping to learn more about the Fraser and what amenities we will encounter on our way to Harrison. A big one would obviously be fuel. Does anyone have any info? Has anyone ever made that trip? Your help would be greatly appreciated! ( Sorry, I'm from Osoyoos so don't have much info on the Fraser. )

    Thank you.

    (Ron. P.)
  2. Kev26
    Hey Slick,

    Got a notification about missing a PM cause my box was full so I'm guessing it's about this?

    I made the trip years ago. It's a really nice beautiful ride. Long and hard on the ass but worth it.
    There weren't any amenities on the River when we made the trip. We all left with full tanks and made it to Harrison and gassed up there. Make sure to plan to go when there is still a good amount of water in the River. The second time we went in later Summer we had a tough time as spots in the river were too shallow. So late Summer / Fall I wouldn't do it.
    I also suggest a GPS. It looks easy on a map but being there and trying to figure it out on a paper map or on your phone while trying not to drop it in the water isn't fun.

    Any other questions let me know.
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