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    Default My 2003 Seadoo XPDI

    Hey guys, just joined this site and wanted to say "whats up"

    just picked up a 2003 Seadoo XPDI this summer from a friend of mine with only 13 hours on it and i love it. ive heard so many good things about the XPDI and im glad that i bought it from him, and plan to ride it for many great seasons to come!

    now to the pictures!

    I have decided that due to a blown head gasket, leading to 0 psi compression in the rear cylinder, that i would take advantage of this opportunity and pull the whole motor out and ship it down to Perry Performance in Miami for some TLC. they are fully rebuilding the engine from top to bottom so i cant wait to get it back in and feel the power difference. the motor is in Miami as i write this.

    If anyone is interested in seeing pics of the damage inside the engine, i would be more than happy to post pics of that too.

    thanks guys,


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    Welcome to the forum QuadRacer99

    Where are those pixs taken

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    thanks Jetlag, the first 2 pics are taken in Vernon on the Okanagan Lake at my friends cabin, and the others are from Ghost Lake, near Cochrane Alberta.

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