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    Default There's a new Brand Name of Personal Watercraft coming!!!

    Hello everyone! Have you heard the news?

    For Immediate Press Release 09/27/07:

    WaveRider Marine to offer affordable personal water crafts to authorized dealers for sale with a full 1 year limited warranty. Extended warrantees available.

    WaveRider Marine also announces the X700 GT 700cc PWC at family affordable prices
    The WaveRider 2008 X700 GT features a 95 horsepower 2 cylinder 2 stroke engine that is reliable and proven. This pwc has excellent power at all speeds, with a top speed of about 50 miles per hour, and with seating for up to 3 persons so you can share the fun!

    Available colors:
    1) Console & Hood colors: Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Silver, Black, Orange
    2) Seat colors & combinations: Red, Blue, Yellow, Black, Silver/White, & Silver/Grey
    Body colors (hull) various combinations of: White, Black, Red, Yellow
    Lowest price Watercraft in its class

    See it all at:********** Dealers Wanted*********Opportunities Available!********* __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _______

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    Those are sweet!
    Long Live the 2 Stroke!


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