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    Default 1996 Kawasaki 750SXi Stand Up for Sale

    1996 Kawasaki SXi 750
    Ski in EXCELLENT condition, Paint, Gelgoat, Pads in near perfect condition, and is cosmetically unchanged from the factory, no additional stickers, paint etc.

    Ski runs flawlessly, and very strong.
    Modifications include:
    Ocean Pro Head
    Ocean Pro Ride Plate
    Jet Dynamics Intake Grate
    Wet Wolf Freestyle Cone
    500 GPH Bilge Pump
    Oil injection removed.

    Included is the original ride plate, cover, oil injection system.

    New Battery

    2001 Northtrail Trailer Included

    I do not have pictures readily available, as the ski is at the cottage. Water tests can be arranged

    $4000 CAD

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    Do you still have your ski up for sale? If so, please contact me at


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    Default ski for sale



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