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Thread: 1997 Seadoo GTI

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    Default 1997 Seadoo GTI

    My parents have owned one since its been new, but have stored it for the past 3 years... which means A) i havent been able to ride it and B) I want to buy it. I convinced them to let me have it for 2000 bucks. I am 19, and it shouldnt be too big of a problem comming up with the money. (oh and btw, it comes with a trailer as well)

    My questions for you guys are:

    1) Any opinions of this ski? what are possible problem areas? I know, as of right now, it is in PERFECT condition mechanically but dont want to be looking at thousands of $ in repars. can i do the work myself, i am quite mechanically inclined.

    2) Where can i get some nice looking graphics for it?

    3) What performance mods can i do to it?

    4) How should i insure it? are the costs going to be super high because i am 19? how can i get around it?

    thanks again guys. I hope to have this thing ready for the spring

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    If you have some tools, a repair manual, and patients you certainly can work on it. I'm new to PWC's also. as far as graphics...check the internet, i can't say that there is a huge market out there for seadoo skins, but i dont know.

    actually, before you take posession of it, you may want to price the insurance. The insurance can be pretty steep on these. If possible, put it on your dads insurance and pay him!


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