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    Default The Winter Rebuild Has Begun!

    hey whats up guys? i just wanted to share some info and pictures of my rebuild on my DI this winter.

    i will start from the beginning so everything kinda makes sense. :givemebeer:

    well, it ran great when i got it in august of this year, i ended up putting about 5 h on it here in alberta and about 5 hours on it on the okanagan lake (adding up to 22.5 h total on the BUDS program) before realizing that i had a huge loss of power, and took it into Banner Rec in Vernon and they told me that it was just the maintainence light for the 25 hour service, and that there was nothing wrong with it besides that it needed the code cleared and the service done. so i was happy that nothing was wrong and that since i was coming home the next day, i said not to worry about it and that i would take it to a shop in Calgary to get the service performed on it.

    I take it to Bow Cycle in Calgary 3 days after i get back from Vernon and they tell me that i am missing engine mount bolts, exhaust mount bolts, and that my head gasket is blown due to a head bolt that vibrated loose. they ran the BUDS program and cleared the code stating that they did the 25 hour service, and they also wrote down that they had tightened all of the bolts up that were loose. as soon as i get the machine home, i decide to have a look for myself to see if they actually did it or not, and find that i had just pissed 300.00 away for something that they said they did, but never actually did do. i was choked. I will NEVER go back to Bow Cycle to get my machine worked on EVER again, and neither will 10 or 15 other people that i know who own either quads, dirtbikes or seadoos. i dont know about you, but i dont take kindly to liars, that steal my money from me!!

    anyways, i decided that i was going to pull the whole engine out and take apart the top end and see how bad the damage was on the inside. i pulled the dome off, and the whole corner chunk of the head gasket on the rear cylinder was torn off and was nowhere to be found, the front cylinder was normal. the rear cylinder is the one that the head bolt loosened up on so it was the one with all the damage. i was in no hurry, so i took my time. i had been telling everything to my buddy that i had purchased the seadoo from, and he was telling his friend that owns a Seadoo shop in Florida and he said that i would be stupid to just rebuild the top end and not check out the bottom end. i said that i wasnt going anywhere near the bottom end because i would be totally lost. i ended up shipping out the whole motor to Miami a couple days later.

    He got the engine about 5 days later, tore into it right away and said that my crank was toast. he said that they could do what they can to see if it could be machined enough to save, but turned out that it was garbage. He stuck a performance race crank into it, custom milled my stock head (he said that there was no point in running an aftermarket head if i wasnt running aftermarket pistons, and i told him to build the engine for longtivity) so he put stock pistons in it, the cylinders just had to be honed, replaced everything internally in the bottom and top end. re mapped my computer for me, and gave me a wicked deal on a Solas concord 15/20 pitch impeller with his "Custom" re-pitch.

    after all of that, and about 2500.00 worth of parts, 1000.00 worth of shipping expenses, i am excited to get this engine back into my DI and see how it works. too bad i have to wait 6 months before i can ride it, in the water, in alberta. haha

    i will put pictures in the next post , my head is spinning from this long-ass post. LOL

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    Default Re: The Winter Rebuild Has Begun!

    Quote Originally Posted by QuadRacer99
    too bad i have to wait 6 months before i can ride it, in the water, in alberta. haha
    Waiting thru the winter months is a killer I have the hot water pumping out onto my handlebars so i might pickup a drysuit in the new year and head out early... but no subs on the standups.

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    i totally agree Jetlag, its a shame that i will have my freshly built motor in it by the end of the month, but will have to sit and stare at it and pretend to be out on the open waters until may, depending on if the ice is gone by then. unfortunately in a couple weeks if the weather stays cold enough, people will be able to drive their vehicle on the ice and fish on the lake that i ride.

    I will be out in full force come next summer though. probably do a few trips to B.C. hopefully.

    pics are still coming.....

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    Now for some pics.

    just starting

    Bolt loose that caused all the damage (blown head gasket)

    With Dome off

    Inside view of Dome

    F'd up head gasket

    Cylinder pulled out

    Crank from top view

    Connecting rod/bottom of piston/wrist pin

    after pulling all of that apart, i stuck it back together and wrapped it up and shipped it to Miami.


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    A month later, and about 3 grand like i said before, i get the engine back fully ready to go. computer completely remapped, new crank, new pistons, new bearings, new seals, new gaskets, new everything. oh and my beautiful impeller. (my favorite piece on the DI)

    heres a few more pics.


    All Cleaned Up

    Engine ready to go back into machine

    Big empty hole where engine should be (hope to hell i know where everything goes)

    had to get the engine in the background


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