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    Hi everyone, you all seem well knowledged on pwc, Im looking on upgrading my 05 RXT into a 08 RXT-X, I think I am getting a good deal, quoted at 15,500. Just wondering what everyone else is being offered.

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    Delta, BC
    08' RXT-X


    Seems like a good price as ones I've looked at were pushing 18k or 17,500. Nice machine. If you can, I would look in the US though it voids the warranty... you will save about 3k off your 15,500 even. I have looked at Kawi Ultra's 08 and could get one with taxes, freight and all the bs for 13000 in Washington state. Something to consider.

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    I live about 2 hours south of calgary. Pretty close to the border. Is it really that hard to get th4e dealers down on prices in calgary? Would it be better me looking in the US for a new ski? Im looking for a 2008 Kawa Ultra 250x.

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    i have a 2006 gti se with 14 hours on it, its almost brand new im in BC, if your interested email me im asking 8500 obo i paid well over 14,000$ brand new

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