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    Default Riding in the Fraser River...questions

    I have a sportster 150 jetboat. Most of you guys ride ski's. I have a few questions about riding in the fraser river. Do you guys ever pick up wood debris that jams or worse, ruins the impeller?

    That happened to me first time out but back on the trailer I was able to dislodge a tiny piece of wood with a bent coat hanger. I guess you guys with skis could potentially flip your ski and just reach in? Is that what you do?

    With a boat I cannot do that? I'm really nervous about that happening far afoot from the launch ramp? How often does this problem happen to you guys and what is the best way to avoid it?


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    I am relatively new on the Fraser, but i did all my riding there last year and will continue this year too.

    What i was taught by Peter, was to stop, turn off, and wait to see if the object would fall out - start again after a minute or so to see if it had cleared.

    I also saw once, Peter jumped in the water to reach under his jetski to grab the object by hand.

    I would catch something, maybe every third time out... but i never had to reach under my machine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheBaldEagle View Post
    turn off, and wait to see if the object would fall out - start again after a minute or so to see if it had cleared.

    jumped in the water to reach under his jetski to grab the object by hand.
    turning off the engine while standing on the back which will cause the rear end to sink and force the water back thru the inlet. ( dont reach in use a stick )

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    If debris gets caught in your pump while you're up on plane and going at full speed, the BEST thing to do is pull the lanyard or hit the stop button IMMEDIATELY. This will stop the engine, and the impeller, from turning. As you coast to a stop with the impeller not turning, water will flow through the pump and usually dislodge any sticks or chunks of bark. This works about 95% of the time.

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    I agree with chester as i have had some bark sucked in and i always hit stop and coast and it comes out. only once it didnt and i was all the way into richmond from the launch in fort langley thinkin it was a long way home i jumped into the water close to shore and tried to dislodge it with a branch but couldnt so i started to coast up the river at idle every once in a while i would hit the throttle and half a hour later whoof out it popped and i scurried all the way home and thankin somebody above that i would be home that night.

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    it happened to me a second time when I was part throttle. I opened her up to 3/4 and blew it threw with a bit of a ker-chunk.

    I guess that potentially causes more damage than pulling the lanyard but it might save you getting stuck. What do you think?

    Is a stainless steel wear ring more durable in this respect?

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