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    Default brand new to jet-skis

    Hi all,like the title says i`m brand new to skis and really want to get started in the sport.Heres the question i have a chance to pick up a very nice looking 95 polaris sl 650 triple for 600 bucks the owner tells me it has a blown crank bearing.Now i`m cool with doing the engine work,i`ve got lots of practice with bikes and ski-doos but as for jet skis i`ve never even looked at one so what else shoud i be looking for like what other problems should i expect,or be wary of.I know most of you will say buy a newer ski but being married with three kids and very limited buget puts this only in my range, lol any advise wiuld be very helpfull

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    Welcome aboard!

    I'd say if you know bikes and ski-doos, you'll have most of what you need.

    There is of course the added fun that water brings to the engine....getting into places it shouldn't etc.

    If you're in Vancouver, check this forum for a guy by the name of Chester (which is his screen name)....he's handled a few things for me:

    -Sea-Doo engine rebuild
    -parts modifications for better performance
    -answered lots of my questions ;-)

    BTW...a blown crank seal could mean water got into where it shouldn't....or at least it can now ;-) I just hope that if water did get in that it's out now.....if now....the evil rust may have you now!!


    The skis:
    No I'm not one of the fat bastards on the picnic table ;-)

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    Blown crank bearing, that can be a drag.
    You can probably source the whole bottom end on the net at a reasonable price. I think I have seen them but don't recall where in the states it was.
    I scooped a 1050 triple and am quite happy with it. Gets great mileage as well.

    Good luck with that.

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