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    We will be boating on Harrison Lk June 13/14. Fingers crossed for the weather! If you see us wave, we'll be in the yellow & black sportster.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vwDavid View Post
    We will be boating on Harrison Lk June 13/14. Fingers crossed for the weather! If you see us wave, we'll be in the yellow & black sportster.
    Awesome, hope it's nice out!

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    David, did you make it to Harrison this weekend? If so, how was the water and air conditions?

    Quote Originally Posted by vwDavid View Post
    We will be boating on Harrison Lk June 13/14. Fingers crossed for the weather! If you see us wave, we'll be in the yellow & black sportster.

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    We had a fantastic weekend.

    Saturday morning started off cool and mostly cloudy with a breeze. We put the boat in and the four of ustoured up cascade bay and around echo island. Toward mid day the water had kicked up a little, but not enough to hamper my fun. Mom decided to pass on an afternoon ride.

    So, in the afternoon Dad and I went down Harrison river from the lake all the way toward Kilby Park- the river had calmer water than the lake. It was so much fun going down the river. A little scary though since we knew nothing accept that the water level was high- lucky for us. This may not have been so easy in July/August when the water drops. We had a few brief sunny breaks. Very rewarding.

    Sunday morning was sunny and the lake was flat, we went for a nice spin with the 4 of us. It was a beautiful morning. As usual it seems the wind kicks up around noon. About 2 pm my wife and I anchored behind Echo island in a sheltered area and enjoyed the rays. Then it was time to go home. The supercharger sounds awesome at 6k rpm. Most of the day I cruised at about 5.2k rpm and about 1/2 the time had 4 ppl on board. Total run time was 2.75 hours at about 51 litres of fuel. Thats about 18.5 L/hour or 4.9 GPH average. We traveled 88 km total. So that is about 58 L/100 km!!! To make the run up to the end of the lake (65 km one way) means I would need about 75 L and my tank is 80. It is doo-able but very close. If I were to do a lake run I'd take extra fuel cause I am the cautious sort. The second day we did about 1.5 hours but the GPS battery was dead so I didn't get a good log of hours nor did I fillup when done.

    Here are some stats:
    -as far as I can tell there are at least 3 boat launch opportunities: Public ramp in the village has 2 concrete ramps. $16 fee includes parking for the day, there is an attendant on duty. Go early, it is busy. Launch on the left, retrieve on the right. If you don't the attendant will harass you. We waited about 20 minutes to retrieve Sunday afternoon.

    -I didn't get a GPS waypoint, but up just a little bit beyond the Killer Cove gas bar is what looks to be a gravel beach/launch area.

    -Beyond that is Sasquatch park with one concrete launch ramp.

    -Premium fuel was 1.449 at Killer cove gas bar. (139.9 reg on shore)

    -Winds usually kick up about 11am and die off 6 pm

    -the spa is really really nice

    -there are boat-in camping opportunities it seems. This gets me excited.

    -At the Killer Cove Boat rental marina in front of the Hot Springs Resort you can tie up over night for $1 per foot.

    -At the public float you can tie up 1st come first served and stay over night with a village permit, but I have no idea where to get that permit.

    -We picked up about 10 km/h with the greenwheel + 14-19R prop, +SS wear ring + new SS washers (thanks Chester). I GPS'd a 90.2 km/h. Last summer all I could get was 80 km/h but that was at 3500 ft. Time for the 4" intake. Where do I buy silicone elbows locally?

    -The lake temp was still cold.

    -We only saw the odd piece of floating wood. Not hair-raising like the Fraser river.

    -Down river from the lake about 8 km is Rowena's Inn (possibly an old name) and a Sandpiper Golf resort. They have a float and a restaurant and very quaint guest house.

    -A further 7 km (apx.) down river is Kilby Prov. Park with a single concrete launch ramp and apx. 15-20 campsites. Sign's posted no PWC launching. Bummer for you guys. We didn't go any further toward the mighty Fraser.

    -I wish I took more pictures. sorry, this will be a text only report.

    -Cost of gas in Harrison village is the same as Agassiz and Popkum. Diesel however was 2 cents cheaper. Yay, I saved $1.20- did I mention I HATE stations where you cannot pay at the pump- now we have to pay before you fill means waiting inline twice. I HATE THIS are you listening BC Govt???

    -There are several nice green grass camping opportunities right in or right near Harrison village. We stayed at Glencoe motel & RV park and had a nice thick grass site for our tent. Though it was right at the intersection of the main road so it was a bit noisy. We might find a better place next time- however, next time I will seriously consider boat-in camping as I saw several groups doing that.

    -We had two casualties:
    #1 the pull release for our rear hatch pulled out of the mounting. So I have to fix that still
    #2 a circumferential weld on our Aluminum seadoo stock wake tower totally failed- as in the weld cracked all the way around. So, any know know a good aluminum welder?
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    Harrison Hot Springs


    Hi guys,
    I'm knew to Canadian PWC. It seems like a great place to meet PWCers and a good source of info.
    Wow vwDavid did you ever find alot of info on Harrison Lake, I live in Harrison and know the lake well. If you need any info maybe I can help. As the lake drops you will see lots of nice beaches to camp on, just learn a little about the wildlife you may encounter. There is a couger on Long Island now!
    I hope to see you on the water.

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    Hey Steve, thanks for your message. Being new to jetski/boating it really is hard to find detailed info on destinations.

    I'm the cautious sort and like to read up before I go. Killers Cove wanted to sell us a lake map for $25. Ouch. The launch ramp lady said I could get another one at the Sasquatch store?? too. Where is that place?

    Where is long lsland? What wild animals might prowl the beaches? Some of the cliffs appears to make the beaches fairly inaccessible. Are there bears?

    On a typical long weekend do you think most of the beach access boat in camping locations would be filled up? Do ppl typically share a beach for camping or do you stay away once someone is there?


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