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    Default 94 Waveraider.. Thoughts?

    Hey all,

    I'm looking at possibly getting a 94 Yammy Waverider. Just wondering if anyone on here had ridden them before or had any experience good or bad with them. Also wondering if there are any known technical problems with these ones. It's advertised as having the 700 cc engine, or 701 to be technical as I've heard. I've worked with newer models of the waverunner pleanty of time, but don't know a lot about the pre 1999 ones.

    Thanks in advance
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    I bought a 1995 WaveRaider last summer and it's been great. The owner before me said that he's had no problems at all and believes it to be the best machine for the mid 90's. He also told me that there are 2 keys to keeping it in great shape:

    1) Do not start zipping around once the jetski is loaded into the water. Take your time and just kind of let the machine run on idle to let the engine warm up.

    2) Only use the Yamalube oil that is specific to your machine.


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