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    Delta, BC
    08' RXT-X


    Hey hey Kevin, ya I would really like to come out again soon, just need to find a weekend when I'll be around here (Summer is way too short here). I have my ski parked at the lake in Washington and have been putting a ton of time on it there the last few months. Other than a few weekends in the okanagan I am down there a lot. I will keep an eye on here though for the next weekend I am around.
    That boat launch sounds pretty bad! Luckily you have a nice 4x4. "Even though it's one of them there toys's." (Quoting red neck in Patullo boat launch pub).

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    Fantastic ride guys. I'm going to have to try that one in BC before the end of the season.

    By the way my new seadoo GTI SE 155HP is excellent. Loads of power, great ride and so far no problems at all (touch wood). Can tow the kids on their tube. Even the wife likes it though shes a bit nervous of the speed, which is suprising as she just got another speeding ticket for her car!!!

    I'll post some pics soon...

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