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    Default reboarding your jetski

    i just bought a 2003 seadoo gti rfi getski .can any one give me anhy tips on how to reboard reboard my jetski when i fall off

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    keep your feet away from the jet intake and get on whichever way is the easiest (I think with sit downs it from the back isn't it??) ;-)

    The skis:
    No I'm not one of the fat bastards on the picnic table ;-)

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    Climb on from the rear and use your hands and knees for counter balance. Youll just need to practice near shore.
    I have seen people climb up till their upper body is on the seat and start to riding before sitting up.

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    i grab the little handle bar thing on the back of the seat and pull my self up as high as i can then get my knees on the ski and its pretty much just standing up or sliding onto the seat after that :P

    on bigger ones you can climb up from the side

    i thought most newer ones have a little step that pulls out of the back, the first jet ski i rode had that, made it a lot easier

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    Have an '04 GTI, I can usually get back on from back or sides as it's a very stable hull. Just grab the handle at rear of seat.
    Now the wife at 5'0" has more trouble. For her we made a roll up boarding ladder from some light nylon strap material. Put a metal snap thing on each end (as in from a dogs leash) and just hook both ends onto the rear towing ring. When needed, release one of the snaps and roll it out and she has a convenient foothold.


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