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    Default Monday June 30, Alouette

    Monday June 30th we plan to be on Alouette.

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    I am riding this weekend, but am back to work on Monday.

    You have fun! Wx should be great!
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    Default alouette boat in camping?

    Does anyone have any boat-in camping experience/tips/suggestions for alouette. We are considering it but have a few questions:

    Does the parking permit overnight parking?

    Are there semi-secluded up lake areas with beach?

    Is there dangerous wildlife?

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    Hi vwDavid,

    We have camped here. Nice close location.

    I was there a couple of weeks ago. They do not allow overnight least in the day use area. North Beach is lesser used and an awesome beach with shallow swimming area. Up further and all around the lake are "squatter camps" with small beaches that people canoe/boat into and stay a night or two. Yes there is wildlife, the occasional black bear wanders around, lots of raccoons, coyotes, deer. I have not been through the "narrows" near the the end of the lake to the opposite end of launching, but am told it is quite secluded. Careful near the end of the lake in the "narrows" as there was significant patches of debris floating.

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    Thanks for the tips. I am very curious about the lake north of the narrows. I want to check it out. You have made me a bit concerned so we will take it easy.

    I don't think we will camp this time. Not enough time to plan, but, where would one park overnight if you wanted to do that?

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    Thanks, the Prov. park site states o/n parking is available for cars w/ trailers.

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    Trip report:

    We got to Alouette Lake launch ramp about 11:30 am, a bit behind schedule. The area was busy, but not crazy busy like it was at Chilliwack lake, August long weekend 2007. There was still ample parking in the boat launch and car parking area's. I personally expected it to be busier.

    The Ramp facilities were nice and paved the whole way and allowed for about 3 launch operations at the same time. About 5-6 pm was the busiest period. We opted to stay till about 7:30 pm and retrieval was a cinch. The ramp was wet but was no problem pulling the boat out with FWD.

    It was fun to explore the lake, it is long and narrow and the wind blows south to north up the lake. Toward mid afternoon and evening the wind blew up. I was hoping it would abate around 6pm, but on monday it did not do that.

    We enjoyed the day and found several places to anchor and have lunch. We went for a swim from the boat. There were lots of boat in beach campers- it looked like all the beaches were taken, but, I didn't see the excessive squatting like I had read about on some of the hiking forums. There was slightly more floating debris in the North end of the north section. All in all not too much to watch out for. Only saw about 2 other jet skiers. We saw only two other small seadoo boats.

    The lake must be very deep. We attempted to anchor about 10 feet from shore and with 15 feet of chain and 15 feet of rope we didn't hit bottom. We had to anchor about 5 feet from shore! There were some stumps but totally avoidable to the aware boater.

    It was hot, there was lots of action on the water. We ended up anchoring the boat off a beach between the rental and launch ramps and went ashore for some shade for a couple hours. Great day.
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