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Thank you to all who have taken interest in participation for this event! I am looking into secure storage by the New Westminster Quay. It is now a bit clearer that we would want a demo Saturday Sept. 27th and/or Sunday September 28th. Obviously, one jet ski only isn't much of a show, so if there was a group that could get together and create a segment, that would be best for the event and the promotion of the sport! That way the crowds could see how "cool" jet skiing is. Please co-ordinate with Cold Fusion if interested, he seems to be the ring leader here. If anyone would like an event overview please e-mail me at kkuntz@2010legaciesnow.com
Ring leader....hehe

I'm just a totally addicted rider that wants more folks to catch the bug ;-)

Katrina....would asking riders outside of BC or Canada be pushing it for a BC150 event?? ;-)