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    Default 1998 SLXH Running on two of three cylinders

    it starts and runs ok.
    #1 cylinder "closest to the handle bars" does not seem to be running at idle, when i am out on it and zipping around it kicks in and it goes like a bat out of hell.

    i tested the compression 130lbs on all three

    cleaned the carbs all ok

    i tested spark and they all spark.

    i have no idea... any help guys!

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    could it be reeds?
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    I'm not a mechanic, Chester is, however having to learn a few things here and there just like in my old Chevy days so we don't get stuck on the road, so to speak.
    If it's a fuel pump issue, this link might have some clues for you:

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    thanks bro
    1989 Kawi 650SX
    1996 Sea-Doo SPX
    1997 Sea Doo XP

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ellis_Performance View Post
    could it be reeds?
    Yes it could be reeds. Does it run rough and/or stall at idle? What are your symptoms? Do the spark plugs all look the same?

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