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    Default Greater Vancouver Boat Launch - Maps and Details

    I consistently see questions and requests for boat launches in the Vancouver area.
    Here are maps and details of launches from people with first hand experience.

    If you want to create similar maps in Google Maps please feel free and post them in this thread. I'll update this first post with more maps as they come in.
    If you just want to provide details of a launch I'll gladly make up a map of them in Google Maps.
    Details to provide:
    - Name of launch. Formal name and any 'nick names'
    - Address, or the exact location
    - Cost of launch and/or parking. Details on how to pay.
    - Parking info. Where and how much parking available etc.
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    also I've got a pretty good list going too...


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    Port Mann is $6.95
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    Wow those are cheap fees! Unless I'm at the cottage (there is a free launch in town) most places I go it's ~$20, that's Ontario for you I guess!

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    Hey Guys, In june when I went to MacDonald beach it was $8 - is it free now???

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    Quote Originally Posted by vwDavid View Post
    Hey Guys, In june when I went to MacDonald beach it was $8 - is it free now???
    Oh really? $8 to launch and park? I was told it was free. I've been there a bunch of times but just never launched from there.

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    Yah, there is an automated pay machine near the washrooms. $8 for launch and park/day - unless it has been removed in the last 2 months...

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    Dear Gang,

    Using many of the google maps points here and also many of my hard earned manual POI entires I finally figured out how to easily transfer waypoints to and from my GPS and collaborate in google on one map.

    I present to you my 2009 GVRD Boat Ramps and POI's:

    Note I am still correcting and adding and hope to have it perfect to 2009 soon. I will also post GPX and GPI formats soon.

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    Pattullo Bridge Boat Launch at Brownsville Pub & RV Park was closed and now removed.

    Pattullo Bridge Boat Launch -$10- Brownsville Pub & RV Park - Surrey, BC

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    Does anyone have a good list of boat launches on Skaha lake near OK Falls as well as southern Okanagan lake?
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