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Monte Hughes and Dan Solie, Jet Ski racers from Olympia, are among the big dogs in the Western States Cup competition headed into the big race this weekend on the Columbia River in Richland.

Solie, 28, is in first place in the Novice 1200 Limited class, and he hopes to stay on top of the rankings this weekend.

The souped-up Jet Skis hit speeds of 75 mph as they do laps around a course studded with turns and slalom sections. A typical heat has six to eight laps, and each lap takes about 45 seconds to 90 seconds, depending on the length of the course, Solie said.

The Western States Cup is a three-race series, and Richland is the second of the three races. Racers tore up the water in Long Beach, Calif., last month, have Richland this week and then end the series in Benicia, Calif.

Solie started Jet Ski racing a year ago after buying a home on Black Lake. A friend sold him a Jet Ski soon afterwards.

"I had fun on it," Solie said. "Now I have five of them."

Racing a Jet Ski sounds crazy to me, but Solie says he hasn't yet fallen during a race.

"But if you're not falling off, you're not racing hard enough," Solie said.

** Small disclaimer by dsolie - This article was written by "The Daily Olympian". Some comments were taken out of text (such as me being a big dog!) But, hey, it's in the paper. Special thanks to Joe McLaughlin for sending out the press release to the local papers!! **

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