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    Default IJSBA Race Director Jeremy Hoyland missing at Sea in Bali

    Jeremy Hoyland - Hold on my friend...
    Craig Day sounded the warning and I want to thank you Craig for your concerns and support of our brother, Jeremy Hoyland. Thank you for posting your concerns and sharing with all of us your fears. I value your kinship and thank you from my our heart to yours.

    Kaye Syke called me early this morning. I heard the words 'Jeremy'...and grabbed my head, my heart exploding in my hands........I called her and lost myself for a few minutes, as any of us do when faced with a harsh reality.

    Late last night I was purposly going through my photos from Worlds to find all of Jeremy's images, he was heavy on my mind and I found a bevvy of them, I laughed at each one as his intense and driven nature compliments mine well when working on the water on his behalf and you who compete...

    Jeremy Hoyland is our IJSBA Race director, one of 3 from World Finals. He is also the IJSBA Race Director for the Bali Games, which has been taking place this past week. Staff members from World Finals flew over to manage the prestigious event.

    It appears he went riding with 3 others, was left behind, in the water with a cell phone, lost transmission and now our Jeremy is lost at sea. Thirty hours have passed, if these reports are correct.

    Jeremy is my brother, my champion and my friend. He is my anchor, and if he is mine, he is surely yours. I love Jeremy with loyalty, kinship and would die for him if needed. This situation has overwelmed me and I am sitting here typing thinking of his wife and children back home in England. I am so sorry they are going through this when Jeremy is so far away. He told me of his wife and girls and we went shopping together to our clothing booth to style them out and choose what they would want, he was excited picking out things to take home as he missed his girls.

    Jeremy and I when we talk we stand about 5 inches from one anothers faces, like warriors with intensity we are focused and know exactly what to do. I know Jeremy is not one to panic nor to discount life, he has it all squared up, he has been a hero of mine since I first met him along with Bob Crabtree at the World Finals. As soon as I see Jeremy, I light up.

    The last time I saw my friend, he was in his rental car, it was the day after Worlds, we were packing up, he drove over to speak to Scott and yelled out the window, 'I'll be right 'ack, stay 'ere, I want to talk to you, be 'ight back!' Enthusiastically, we waved and smiled and gave some hand signals and I waited, never to see him again.

    Jeremy can hold on and I am sure that is what he is doing right now, he has a big life, he lives a big life and he's my boss, I will do anything for him, because he earned my respect a long time ago. I wish with all my heart and soul I could be of service to my friend right now, sitting here an ocean away, thinking of him connecting with me intuitively, all I can say is 'Jeremy, it will be all right, it will sort itself out' with confidence. Please join me in prayer and thankfulness for Jeremy to return to his family and to once again shine the light in our day.

    This posting is for positive comments from those who care. I do not want any postings about why or how or whom he rode with or the buddy system, it is not necessary. Please share your love, that is all that is required of you.

    Shawn Alladio
    IJSBA Water Safety Director


    ABG Jetski race director gone missing
    The Jakarta Post , Jakarta | Sat, 10/25/2008 9:36 AM | National

    Asian Beach Games (ABG) jetski race director Jeremy Hoyland has gone missing since Friday afternoon, Antara news agency reported on Saturday.

    The British national reportedly went missing after a jetski ride to Nusa Lembongan.

    Hoyland was said to have travelled with three friends, but all three returned to Tanjung Benoa beach without him.

    "Their trip to Lembongan was unrelated to the ABG race as there was no scheduled route survey that day," Indonesian Jetski Sport association chairman Syaiful Ihsan said.

    Five helicopters and a Bali Search and Rescue (SAR) boat had been dispatched to locate Holland since Friday afternoon.

    "The search has been extended to cover the Gilitapekong Lombok straits," Bali SAR chief I Ketut Parwa said. (amr)


    Please stay posted by following this link:

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    Hope jeremy is found safe

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    Facebook group

    Find Jeremy Hoyland Fund through Paypal to assist with cost of the search campaign.

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