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    Default SOLO remote controlled Personal Water Craft

    The Solo is an unusual 8 foot long 'boat' powered by a 95 hp motor driving an axial flow jet pump. Designed not to carry passengers, but rather to tow a pilot - the craft is meant for the recreational waterski market. Waterskiing has now become a one-man sport. The tow-craft is remotely controlled by the pilot (the skier) through a thumb-operated electronic controller built into the tow handle ... similar to a video game controller. An automatic shut-off switch is built into the handle in the event the skier falls. Wait til the kite-skiers get ahold of this!

    Imagine this... the morning is perfect; an incredible sunrise, peaceful, no breeze, not even a ripple... pure glass! If you hurry, you’ll be the only one on the lake, at least for a while. You’re ready to hit the water and then it happens! Your driver and spotter are late or worse yet, they don’t show. How many times have you been there ready, eager and certainly willing, but somehow 6:00 a.m. just turned out to be too early for everyone else? Go ahead... develop an attitude. You’ve worked hard all week. You deserve this and no one is going to spoil it for you because now you’ve got SOLO. Imagine... your own Personal Ski Machine® that’s ready when you are because now, you’re the driver and the spotter.

    Developed by water skiers for water skiers, SOLO brings you the type of performance you’d expect from, well... not this! Whether you’re cutting the glass with your favorite slalom ski or doing the ballet on that new wakeboard, SOLO will give you pull that’s more than enough... even if you’re a footer!

    Solo Water Sports
    SOLO lets you go it alone!

    Source: JetSki News
    JetSkiNews.Com - JetSki News and Personal Watercraft News You Can Use.

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    when i went fishing today i was thinking about how someone would go tubing or skiing by themself... this doesn't look too safe, how can someone be skiing and spotting whats around them... also i don't see it turning too well in any of the pictures


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