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    Hey, new here and im looking to buy a 95-99 Kawasaki 750sxi but i cant find an insurance company to insure it. Im looking to find a company where i can insure just the pwc. btw im just north of toronto. Thanks

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    Hey 2002gtx, here are some post about insurance

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    Welcome to the site!

    I went to my local Envision Credit Union where they offer insurance too... i think i have it through Beacon.

    From the website- "

    Homeowner's insurance and auto insurance policies may provide limited coverage for personal watercraft. However, depending on the value of your watercraft, you may wish to purchase more specialized coverage.
    Watercraft policies typically cover:
    • Bodily injury (i.e. injuries caused to another person)
    • Property damage (i.e. damage to someone else's property)
    • Guest passenger liability (i.e. cover other people using your boat with your permission)
    • Medical payments (i.e. for injuries and other passengers)
    • Theft
    Things to consider

    Before purchasing watercraft insurance, consider the following questions:
    • How old is the watercraft?
    • Do you have other accessories that should be insured (i.e. trailer, motor)
    Coverage options

    At Envision, we offer a variety of watercraft insurance policies from insurance providers with a proven track record for service and value.
    Choose from:
    • Comprehensive replacement cost coverage or actual cash value (depending on the age of the watercraft)
    • Choice of deductibles
    • All risk policy or named perils coverage (i.e. are all risks covered, or just some?)
    • Option of monthly payments
    In addition, the following special coverage is available:
    • Insurance for accessories (i.e. motor, boat trailer)
    • Insurance for items left on the watercraft (i.e. fishing gear, life jackets)"
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