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    Question Paging Chester...jetting question, SLX

    Chester, I cracked the carbs apart on the SLX and see there are three jets inside the CDKII carbs 1 and 3, so imagine the center is the same.

    I have had poor idle issues and running very rich last year. Feathering it past the poor idle conditions, and she's a rocket.

    I've posted on this before and am ready to do some jet changes.

    Here are the current specs:

    pilot jet is a 65
    mid range is a 35
    main jet is 140

    Carbs were rebuilt in the fall, new fuel lines as well. Still fires up fine and runs however I need to do some jet mods and need your recommendations.
    To reiterate from the past, it did come from Alberta originally, so it may had been jetted for that higher elevation??

    Please advise.

    many thanks.

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    What year is it? This website will tell you which jets you need. Depends on the year.

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    It's the '99 SLX with 1050 (three carbs)
    I see they made an error on the diagram showing the two top jets (min & pilot) as being an #18

    But I am not clear on this as per the following:

    They show spec. jets as being-

    However my jets read-
    pilot jet is a k65
    mid range is a k35
    main jet is 140

    There is no listing in any replacement parts chart that I see that shows a main jet as low as 35, so am I to assume that the stamp on the side of it showing k35 really means it's a 135 or has someone fkd up in the past?

    -There is a big difference in the mid range section and 3 points difference in the pilot size.
    I ordered pilot jets 10 sizes up, so the ones coming in will be a 75.

    Was this the right decision?

    Quote Originally Posted by Chester View Post
    What year is it? This website will tell you which jets you need. Depends on the year.


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