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    Question (Chester) See image and notes

    Hi Chester, I talked to you about carb tuning, but see only one screw on each and it is very limited by how much it turns because of the extruded part on the plastic end (screw).
    I have a book on pre 1998 models, but the carbs aren't the same.
    So I'm not sure what this screw is/does or what to do with it.
    I'll call you and ask that you look at the image.
    Thanks .)

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    Image reference attached:
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails carb1.jpg  

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    That's a limiter cap. Just pop it off.

    4 out of the 5 voices in my head say, pull the trigger!


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    Got it all worked out and will put them back on the ski first chance I get. Pretty sure it will run, but may need you to look it over if I detect a problem.
    Thanks so much Chester .)

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