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    Default 2005 RXP 2.5 hrs then SUNK!!

    ok so i got my new RXP saturday the 16 today sunday the 17 i take it out and all is fine for about 2 hrs then it sinks!!!!!
    i then notice that the seat doesnot go all the way front and theres a hole big enough for me to stik 4 fingers so i thought that was it. i see this guy w/ the same ski and ask him it i can compare his to mine and he too has the same hole i then ask him if he rides w/ the drain plugs on or off and he say OFF.
    i have a 2002 GTX and all my life i have riden it w/ the plugs on.
    is this a commun thing or is it just me that this thing happened to?

    tomorrow im callin the shop i bougt it from to see if its covered by waranty or what. i read the book and it says they should be IN but who is the dealer going to believe, i wander if they are going to tell me that the plugs were not on?
    man this gets me real mad.

    if any of you out there have any advice, hook a brother up.

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    '98 Challenger 1800 Wake


    There's no way you should ride with the drain plugs off... Your Seadoo should not be taking on that much water unless you have a major hull or cooling leak. The "holes" in front of the seat are for air intake and some water may get in there but it should be minimal.

    Take it back to the dealer and let them find the leak.


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