It was almost a year ago that I began having problems with the ski running great for a while and then it bogged something horrible. It didn't like hot days and ran good when the temperatures dropped.
Called on a lot of friends, shops, on-line posts and tutorials...did everything I could and everything ever suggested. Changed the fuel, rebuilt the carbs, new reeds, fuel filter, lines and all that other common jazz.

I fill er' up and wow! runs great....until once again she bogged.

Completely baffled and mystified, oaring my way to shore and good thing it was close, I pop the hood and see the fuel tank looks a bit odd.
So unscrewed the gas cap and could hear it taking a deep breath of air. (was near 1/2 a tank left)

So in the list of things to check 1st for anyone else suffering from a similar symptom, test the 'vent check valve' and 'pressure release valve' of the fuel tank as they might be seized closed thus starving the carbs for fuel do to vacuum buildup. Who-da known?

At least now I don't have to rebuild those carbs again for a while .)