I am a 43 year old female and I have been riding my jetski now for 4 summers and never had an accident. I have always been very safe. I obey the North Carolina laws, but that did not help me on August 6th.

I have learned no matter how hard a jetski driver tries to obey the laws they still can get hurt by someone that is not obeying the law. I am very fortunate that I can even sit here and type this up.

On August 6, 2005, I was driving my jetski on one of North Carolina's lakes when my jetski stalled on the water and that is when the nightmare started. A lady decided to follow me on my jetski which I do not remember at all and she was not paying attention to my jetski stopping and she ran all over me and knocked me unconscious. I am so glad I was wearing my life jacket. The lady that hit me was not injured. She saw the accident was going to happen and jumped off her jetski and swam to where I was. She said she thought my neck was broken. She flagged down a boat that was on the lake and they picked me up. I was taken to the emergency room and was in extreme pain. I still do not recall the accident because of my head injury.

I just wanted to write this article to make jetskiers aware that no matter how careful you are someone else can still come along to hurt you. The lady that hit me was issued a citation for wreckless driving and endangering a life. I am very fortunate that nothing was broken, but because of my accident I have missed work and I am having to go to physical therapy now. My ribs, collar bone, right and left shoulder, my shoulder blade and neck is messed up and when I say messed up I mean I am so badly bruised internally. I am still suffering memory problems because of the head injury, but I keep reminding myself I could be worse.

I want to say to all the jetskiers always wear your life jacket and continue to obey the law. I also wear the 3/4 gloves on my hands to keep my hands from slipping and they help me a lot. I never thought this could happen to me, but because of my accident I am having to endure a lot of pain and doctor visits and physical therapy and I may be looking at shoulder surgery according to my orthopedic. I will say this after I am healed I will get back on my jetski again. It may be next summer before I can ride again, but I am not going to give up. I enjoy the freedom I feel on the water when I am driving.

I wish you all safety everytime you get on your jet skis. Have a Great Summer!

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