Figured I would start this thread (since I missed the CanAm ride) to line everyone up for a long weekend at the best beach in ontario.

Launch right from the beach (assuming you can lift the ski or rather there will be enough people to lift the ski). This is where we will be all weekend, Sat, Sun, Mon. - google map coordinates 44.630703, -81.271679 just copy and paste into google maps.

We will be camping at a place about 15 mins from the beach so if you meet us on the beach just come with us. There is always enough space for us and our friend even if it ends up being a 100 of us. Tent space guaranteed, bonfire at night, etc. they have also hydro sites but better call them to reserve those. Here is the place 44.628367,-81.118133 christmas (or christophers) tree campground just before hepworth and here is where will be set up with tents 44.626389, -81.117457.

I will have a waterproof camera for some pics in the evening in the water.

As for the weather most of the time its one day wavy, one day calm so it should suit all.

Hit us up when you show up so we can help you and move cars if neccessary to get you in water!!! if there is no space to park you can just park infront of us.

More info is on

If you don't know us just comeover and introduce yourself.

Also please post screen name, real name and ski and I'll edit the list as too who is coming.

Who is coming:

AdamOntario - Adam - orange Rn Sj "biohazard"
Sauble - Martin - blue Rn Sj "loudmouth"
FJXP - Sean - yellow Rn Sj
"not on xh20" - Yury - white/green SXR
"not on xh2o" - John - Redbull Sn Sj