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    Default SD 2003 GTX: what to expect?

    Hi - new here, great site. I'm looking at buying 1st PWC for a stable family ride, want a 3 seater, maybe some light tubing with kids; prefer 4 stroke. I'm considering a 2003 GTX, 155 (I assume the 155 is non-SC). Any common issues/probs with these machines? Maintenance and parts? When does pump usually need rework? In general, are they more or less reliable than average. And what to look out for? The one I'm eyeing is a private sale with the original owner says all maint. was done, has over 120 hours...

    Thanks in advance,


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    Hello and Welcome to the site! Where are you located?

    If you PM Chester, he knows alot about maintenance.

    The 155 is horse power and is usually not SC, unless the machine says GTX-SC.
    I ride a normal amount and do about 20-30 hours per year, so 120 is low to average i would say.

    That is a great starter machine and if u can get a good price on it, yee haw!

    You can also ask the owner where they maintained it and call the shop to see if they had any issues with it.

    Have fun!
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    The 155 HP 4tec engine is a pretty reliable engine. general maintenance is all that is needed. Not too many problems with them. Once in awhile an Oil pressure switch or Exhaust temp switch fails. Besides that, they are not that bad. Good family boat. Very stabil. Good luck and have fun

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