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MY waverunner as been at yamaha dealer since june 19 parts for supercharger are in but a critical gasket is now on backorder till mid august would love to find out where you think you can get this gasket
Your situation seems like a special case and not a common problem with the superchargers...I knwo you are frustrated with the situation but the yami 4 strokes are still hands down the most reliable skis out there.

If I were you i would get the part # for the gasket you need and call riva or greater yamaha in the US and see if they can get you one any quicker. I use to be a parts guy for a yami dealership and sometimes parts have to come in from japan if they are not avaialble in North America and that takes time. Its a crappy situation I knwo and i hope the guys at the delaership are being sympathetic but poop happens, just get on the phone and I am sure you will find one, there are even perormance shops modifying these things so someone has got to have one.