Have owned my 1997 GTS since new. Last year it began to act like it was not getting fuel. It would start fine, run at low speeds but when accelerated it would die until I backed off the throttle and then it would run again. Reading that the grey fuel lines were suspect for internal disintegration and fuel system clogging, I changed all my lines to Coast Guard approved black rubber, cleaned the carb, replaced the internal carb filter and cleaned the in line filter at the front of the ski and set the pop off pressure for the carb. The symptoms persisted. One day I put in new plugs and a miracle happened.... no more problem. This spring I looked forward to a summer of fun but the problem was back and this time no plug changing would fix it. To rule out fuel problems because the symptoms truly felt like lack of fuel I temporarily put in an electric pump. This did no good. Reflecting back on the sensitivity to the new plugs last year I began to suspect that it might be an ignition system weakness. I changed the high voltage coil in the electrical box ($215.00) and the coil behind the flywheel. To change this coil I had to buy a special flywheel puller. The coil itself was about $60.00 Now the machine runs great. Hope this tale helps someone else.