I know these Hondas get good mileage, I normally see around 6-7 mpg. But yesterday really surprised me. It was an unusually calm day with just a slight ripple on the water, air temp around 85, water temp I'm guessing in the low 60s. I started out with a full tank and other than a short 5 minute burst at 60 mph, tried hard to keep it around 40. This is an 80+ mile round trip that normally uses 4 bars (of the available 6) worth of fuel to complete, when the waves are 2-3 feet & I'm on & off the throttle. So after going 30 miles, I look down at the fuel display & see that it hasn't even moved yet. I was a little concerned that maybe it was broken. But, before I reached my destination, it had dropped 1 bar. Even so, when I stopped, I pulled the storage bin out to have a look, and sure enough, the tank was almost full. When I returned from the trip, I had used less than 1/2 a tank. I couldn't believe it-over 80 miles on half a tank! Amazing what calm water & a steady speed will do for your fuel economy. Now I have enough gas to go for another ride tomorrow.