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    Default HELP! Stolen wave blaster.... hamilton ontario

    Hey guys i need your help in trying to track down my wave blaster that was stolen out of my drive way this morning in hamilton. They hooked up to my double trailer while i was in the house at 9:30 this morning and took my x2 and blaster got about three blocks down the road before there strap they were pulling with broke and my trailer went into a ditch. I got the x2 and my trailer back but my built blaster is long gone.

    It has a coffmans pipe, 760 engine, and a factory water box.... and white turf. please keep your eyes open for anything...

    vin - YAML3839I394

    if you have any information you can reach me at
    905 520 8486

    thanks guys.....

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    here she is
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails SSPX0101.jpg  

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    wow dude that sucks...sure takes balls to steel in wide ope day light...why were they be towing it with a strap??

    Hope you get it back.
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    did you have a lock on trailer , is that why they used a strap bunch of bastards i wonder if house insurance will cover, there is not many blasters inontario will have to look out for it

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    will check out kijji and cragslist on a regular basis and the buy and sell, just have to goggle waveblaster or jet ski for sale i wonder if the theives know its a waveblaster, i just noticed in picture it says waveblaster on hull so they might use waveblaster

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    Yea guys i had a hitch lock on my trailer so they couldnt attach anything to the ball of there truck, so they used a rachet strap from my trailer to there hitch im guessing... about three blocks away im guessing it slipped off and my trailer went into a ditch. It killed the front of my x2, and my waveblaster is gone. There must be damage to the wave blaster considering one of the rails on my trailer it was sitting on broke off the trailer from the impact.

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    will house insurance cover it ,once they took 5 thousand dollars worth of tools in my work van, the truck insurance did not cover it but my house insurance did since it was on my property look into that alex, nobody see anything in neiborhood

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    Its posted on facebook and twitter


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    That sucks Alex! I hope some how your machine shows up again, I will keep my eyes peeled for you. Thats one good thing about our skis and our small community we all know each others skis and each other.

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    I'll keep my eyes open alex.

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