Randy Laine is a modern-day Captain Ahab, searching the broad expanse of the ocean for an elusive giant. But the giant he’s looking for isn’t a monster whale named Moby Dick. It’s a monster wave: 100 vertical feet of salt water, to be exact. Laine plans to ride it on a jetski. A pioneer in two sports – freeride jetskiing and tow-in surfing – Laine has earned the nickname of “The Mayor of Watercraft,” and his services are in constant demand by pro surfers, film crews, and event organizers. But he still loves nothing better than to ride for himself, and if his world-record run on a 72-foot wave is any indication, he’s just the man to tame a 100-foot crest.

“I was born in North Carolina, but I grew up in California, where I started swimming at age 4 and ended up competing in waterskiing, too. I was always a waterbug,” Laine laughs. As he matured, Laine turned to surfing and took part in the pro circuit (as did his younger brother, Wes).

Around 1978, Laine started riding a jetski, and he was immediately stoked about the possibilities. At that time, most people were using jetskis on flat water, never imagining that they could work on the ocean. That’s where Laine’s many years of surfing and waterskiing experience came in.

“I can honestly say that I was one of the first guys to tow a surfer. I had a stand-up ski and I dragged Wes around on his surfboard,” Laine remembers with a chuckle. “But the jetski wasn’t powerful enough, and if we hit the wave wrong, the surfer could yank the jetski out of the water!”

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