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Thread: 2010 Rides

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    Default November Sunday Ride & Bill McLean Tribute....RIP

    Huna & Johnny join the lords at First Beach, along with Wrong Turn Garrett and family, in his big boat.
    Dark at 5 now. Winter's a comin'. Time for bigger beach fires.
    Congrats to our dear departed buddy Bill McLean, for his induction into the Canadian Motorcycle Hall of Fame, this weekend (Nov. 6).
    Swimmin' Steve says it was a great party.
    We are all proud of Bill's induction and legacy, and continue to honour his memory in names and places like:
    "The Big Billy Round da World Tour" (55 mile ride around Lulu Island, Richmond),
    "The Super Big Billy Circle Tour" (Active Pass, Gabriola Pass and back 80 miles),
    "Billy Beach" across Jet Ski Island Pass from Garry Point Park, Steveston,
    "The Big Billy" our largest trail that joins all others, in the middle of the Ladner swamp.
    Our glasses, bottles, and cans are raised often, in a toast to his memory. Near crash in Frenchy
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