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Ok, I no longer have time to complete this project so its time to let it go. I spent about a year collecting this stuff and after a year of it sitting idle, and no free time in sight, its time to let someone get some use out of this stuff.

Posting it here first, then kijiji, then they are going to ebay.

Will have pics as soon as I can find time.

1 96 xp pump. Good condition.
1 skat trak prop. 14.5/22.5 great shape
787 carbs with primer
MSD total loss ignition, everything but one coil (for 717 engine)
Total loss flywheel, need to check branf
717 engine cases.
717 used crank
717 cylinders, bored to 754. I have used yamaha pistons and the required spacer plate.
Also have brand new wiseco pistons, cyclinders have been freshly honed by machine shop.
Have the stock head and intake as well as oil pump and also a block off plate.

- Black mirrorless hood
-Complete jet trim seat with 4" rise. Black and yellow
-FRM aluminum steering (better than stock but no UMI)
VTS - motor is shot but rest is good

-steering cable
-stock steering
-front storage bucket
-UMI vts billet control
-Factory pipe with water injection ( I believe this is the HX model)

Thats all I can rememer right now. Let me know if your interested and I can get on some pics.

Hi. Do you have any items left??
Lookung for black hood, beach house sponsons, frm steering, trim tabs, jet dynamics 17.
Walter 8054322600