First off I have everything and keep it with me all the time...

BUT since my ski is built long before all the rules came into place, like stand ups I have limited space for all these extra items.

I was pulled over two years ago on the lake, no big deal, but they asked a friend of mine for his safety stuff, he was on his stand up and we both asked them if they are joking. Then they started to give us a hard time and I pointed out that because these new laws where added after the production date of his ski he was not required to abide by them, as his ski is grandfathered, they just basically dropped the subject and checked out boating licenses.

As far as I know my ski complies will all laws of the year it was built according to the coast guards laws, as it states on the sticker on the hull, not sure if this is all of them but it has to have a fire extinguisher and kill switch and I think that's it.

What is actually required for a ski built before they changed the law?

Note: I don't want opinions here so please don't comment unless you can reference something.