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    Im looking to buy a bilge setup for my sxr-800. Where is the best place to get a rule 2x 500 GPH bilge. waterproof switch, 45 degree bilge fittings, and hose? Am i missing anything?

    Where is the best place to mount the fitting? (Side or tray?) anyone have pictures of it(when its in action)

    If the engine compartment is 3/4 full how long would it take to empty it?


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    Derk. I put that set-up on my Superjet. The best price for "Rule" brand bilge pumps are from Steveston Marine, West Marine, or even Canadian Tire. The anodized fittings you will probably have to get from somewhere like Dennis Kirk (online). Lastly, the proper waterproof switch costs more than everything else put together (I believe @ $75 from Dennis Kirk). If you go for an all-purpose switch from somewhere like Princess Auto, it will probably corrode every season.
    Some people like the bilge to pump into the tray (that way less water get back in the hull backwards through the hose); my ski was originally set up that way. I did not like it as the bilge water can have oil in it and it will make your tray slippery. I re-routed mine to the side.
    If you had to, you could pump your entire hull empty if it filled up within 30-45 seconds; however, when I ride, my pump is always on so it never gets more than a quart of water at any one time. I then turn the pump off when I come to shore.
    Hope this helps. By the way, on my SXR I don't even have a pump; I use a duckbill which continuously drains.

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    Thanks for the input!

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    Where can I get 45 degree fittings in canada? Do any of the big block stores cary them? evan a strait through fitting would be fine.

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    Also looking for a waterproof switch for the bilge pumps?

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    Anyone know where to pick up a waterproof switch like this in Canada?

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