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    Yamaha XL700 Waverunner

    Default Hard start hot, motor mount shim issue

    Hey folks,

    I bought a used XL700 and had it out on the water for the first time a couple of day ago on Lake Ontario. Overall, I'm pretty pleased with it's performance.

    Two things. First, I had a hard time starting it when it was hot. I assumed that all I had to do was hit the start button and it would start and idle.

    Every time I started it hot, I had to hit the start button a few times and give it some with it. Should I have to do this, or should it simply start "clean" when hot?

    Motor has new plugs and gas filter. Fresh gas.

    Second thing. The left rear motor mount shim keeps slipping out. I found it on the bottom of the engine compartment when I bought it, put it back in (pulled slightly on the motor and it slipped in easily). Today, after having it out for an hour, it slipped out again.

    There is no low idle vibration...and it seems to run fine overall. Buddy at the dealership said the shim shouldn't be coming out and that there is something seriously wrong if that is happening.

    Thoughts? Suggestions?

    Kind regards,


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    The engine bedplate and motor mount should sandwich the shim(s) keeping them from falling out. Is the bolt that secures the bedplate to the motor mount tight? I'd remove them (all 4) and apply threadlocker to the threads and torque to spec.
    Many engines have a 'personality' some require a 'blip' of the throttle lever, some don't. If it re-starts easily , then don't worry.

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