5 Days to go !!!

MUDBUG:THE biggest, baddest, ski get-together EVER!!!

Picture this: 200+ of the fastest skis in the country terrorizing the Louisiana Bayou during the day, then hanging out at night fixin’ chit and talkin’ smack. Then doing it all over again for 4 days...

"Lets Start with a hearty dish of French heritage, blend well with some Cajun spices, mix in some adrenaline, add a touch of warm weather, serve with a side of southern hospitality and you’ve got Morgan City, LA. Home of the Mudbug Nationals..." PWC Illustrated

"It’s not a drag race all the time......
It’s just PURE Riding NIRVANA!!
Think Sturgis on water..." Danny

"Most fun I have EVER had on the Doo, and some of the coolest people I have EVER met." GPRXPSteve

"Yet another awesome MB. They get better every year." Franko

“Don't be scared nor be shy. You will leave waiting for the next one to arrive as soon as you leave town.” RX951

“I`ve got gas,,,,,,,,,,oops” HOSS


Who: Anybody that wants the Best time of their lives.

What: MUDBUG 2010 (aka MUDBUG VI)

Where:Morgan City, Louisiana(HQ: Holiday Inn, Morgan City)

When:(for most of us anyways)
Thursday June 10: Alot of peeps show up to get a shakedown ride in, settle at the hotel, a few rebuilds in the parking lot and PARTY!!!

Friday June 11: By today most folks are here, riding around terrorizing one particular local little old lady, then more rebuilds in the parking lot and PARTY!!!

Saturday June 12: ARE YOU READY TO RUMBLE???
This is THE BIG DAY, get your hung over butt up early, lots of riding. Lunch at GROS

Sunday June 13: if your still alive and not a resident of the Morgan City Jail, Morgan City DETOX, or (GOD forbid)Morgan CityMemorialHospital:
SO JUST GO, EITHER BACK TO WHERE YOU CAME FROM OR SOMEWHERE ELSE, it really doesn't really matter where you go, BUT CHA GOTTA GO!!!

Why: Because we can dammit...