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    Default help! superjet wont stay running

    so i finally got my SN back together. its on a fresh top end rebuild(3mm over) with lots of spark, and fresh gas. fired it up last night and im 90% sure its only running on 1 cylinder. it will idle very rough then stall hard if given any gas, but will fire right up again after stalling. it would run like shit on occasion last year before the rebuild and never had any bottom end to speak of, but never had this problem before. im going to start by ripping both carbs off. but im new to these carbs, so any help or ideas you can throw at me would help HUGE!

    thanks guys.

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    Internet Meter Maid
    barrie ont. can.
    the superjet


    unplug your kill switch to start and then cut back your spark plug wires

    are your reeds in good shape? cranks seals etc?

    if i remember correctly you had a issue with hydro locking, is that why you rebuilt it>?

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    reeds are in perfect condition. not sure about the crank seal. and yes jc thats why we rebuilt it. i figured it was because we have the 650 hood where the second intake drops right on the flame arrestors, and was pulling in alot of water. it's foamed in now...
    so its gotta be carb issues then?

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    Internet Meter Maid
    barrie ont. can.
    the superjet


    thats why i was thining maybe a bad reed pedal (from the pressure) also crank seals can blow out from the water lock..

    are both the plugs wet? did you check the compression?

    you can give me a call if you want and ill try and help you out a bit that way

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    That would be great. Pm me your number and whenever you have a few mins. Thanks

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