Proposed PWC restrictions for Lake Granbury and Possum Kingdom.

The Brazos River Authority will hold public meetings concerning restrictions on your Freedom to Ride this coming week. Itís critical that riders, particularly locals, step up and resist this blatant discrimination. Among the proposals:

Prohibiting no more than three PWCs to operate together: Deciding who you ride with should be your choice, not some bureaucrats.

Special permits for PWC only: Being singled out for ďspecial permitsĒ while every other boat is not is called discrimination.

Restrictions on the days of the week you would be free to ride: To prohibit one type of craft, when larger, more powerful boats may run at will is called second class citizenship.

Establishment of PWC exclusion zones: You pay the same taxes and boat registration fees as do all other boat owners, yet your access to public waters would be sharply curtailed.

Special boating education and testing for PWC owners only: Every boater should take a boating safety course, not just PWC owners.

This is one group of people trying to control another group of people. Now is the time to stand up and defend your Freedom to Ride. This isnít happing in some far off National Park; itís in your backyard. While you may never ride these lakes, every PWC restriction passed emboldens the no-access crowd to push for further bans.
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The entire PWC Nation needs to stand up now.
Chris Manthos AWA


Source: JetSki News
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