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    Default Sold!!!!!!!!!!

    Runs excellent, new chain "O" ring, Renthal sprokets, tires, wheel bearings, shock bearings, hydrolic clutch, and new SDG seat. I am getting out of motocross and would look at a trade for a stand up jet ski. And yes it was a race bike and I have done all the work to get it ready for the fall series anything that was worn was replaced. The bike just needs a new rider I see the same bikes (beaten on) being sold for around 2500-3000 range wich is to much IMO. I will sell for 2000 or trade
    I will post pics soon or can email them.


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    Internet Meter Maid
    barrie ont. can.
    the superjet


    awesome bike!!

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    Pic's are just befor new seat, also Numbers are up for renew so if your going to race you already have graffix. I for got to mention the suspension is pro action.


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