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    I am just getting into jet ski's and have only rode a 91 550 sx. I have searched from Vancouver Island to Seattle finding the best deals in the US looking at the Kawasaki's 440-550 which seem to range from $400-1300.
    Now I See there are some big differences in that the 91 is a reed valve motor... does that go for the 91 440 as well? Also I weigh 195lbs when I am not riding motocross and usually drop down to 170 during race seasons. Will a Kawasaki 440 or 550 handle a guy my size? I prefer to ride a lighter bike so I can flick it around in the air, etc.. I also would like to know how easy in general it would be to say drop a 750 motor into a 440-550 shell once I grow ot of the power or just want a little more grunt. I Hope to find a done up ski, but if I am only able to find a stock ski what is a ball park figure on pulling more power out of the motor and an impeller/ drive system upgrade?
    Sorry for all the questions and thanks for any info you may have.


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    Sechelt B.C.
    1990 550sx and 2006 800sxr


    You are fine starting out with a 550. The 440 never came out in a reed version. I weigh 200 and had a lot of fun on my 550. It is a light machine, but if you really want to get in the air doing some freestyle stuff look for a Yamaha fx-1. I saw one on craigslist today in Vancouver being sold with a Kawi X-2 for $3000 for the pair. I don't think that it will be too long before that sells. There aren't many 550's with a 750 in them, but it can be done. A 650 is a more common mod. I just upgraded to the SXR 800 and it has gobs of power, but feels pretty heavy. I prefer to keep the engine's in my stuff stock for reliability. Nothing more annoying than a seized motor in the middle of the water. A nice impeller is a good mod though. Good luck finding a machine!

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