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    Default 1995 seadoo spx--needs work---cheap !!!!

    ok here it is.

    I was given a 1995 seadoo spx with vts from a buddy who blew the engine...i removed the engine and took the top end off to discover a smoked piston and damaged head.

    After MANY phone calls and a 7 hour drive I located a new jug (2 actually) and head along with a few other bits and pieces.

    Next stop is the local seadoo dealer for new gaskets etc....i then wait two days for the parts only to discover they ordered the wrong ANOTHER two days goes by and finally the gaskets come in...finally the right parts and the rebuild can begin !!

    Finally got the top end back gaskets etc...and the engine..exhaust etc re-installed.

    The engine will fire but just barely keeps running...any addition of fuel kills the engine.

    This 'fun' weekend project is becoming rapidly a real pain in the *ss and as such I am now no longer enamored or interested in this machine.

    First person who comes up with an even $1000 (or real interesting trade) can have the whole machine..extra parts and all !!

    There is NO trailer....I live near BARRIE ONTARIO.

    My name is Rob

    You may e-mail me at "" but may wait awhile for a response....alternately you may call anytime at 705-718-3610 to reach me directly.

    thanks in advance

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    97 XP


    Do you still have this? If so call me at 905-926-0716. Thanks.

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