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    Default PWC Racing Demo on Oct 2-3?

    Hello All,

    My name is Andrew Fralick, Im with the Toronto Outboard Racing Club Inc (TORC). We host races throughout Ontario for small Hydroplane and Runabout racing (boats about 10 long). We are a grass roots club. A sport like the level of go-kart racing, but on water. All of our races are sanctioned through the APBA and CBF.

    We are looking to grow some of our races and thought adding some APBA PWC classes might do the trick. We know there are APBA races in the southwest USA that do this.
    We race on 3/4 to 1 mile oval. Our thought is then we would add in several interior buoys to create a nice track for PWC. We launch boats by dolly mostly, I believe you do the same. We use a flying start, but a beach/shore start is not a problem.

    My thought is this would be grass roots level... A way to get new PWC riders introduced to racing, racing in a safe environment, a fun level of racing with your buds, etc. It would not compete with the tour level of PWC racing you have already. Might be a good place to put in a few races before a new rider enters a big tour event? Your existing APBA membership would be valid, or you could join CBF (Canadian version of APBA) for a lower rate. Both membership cards are good at any APBA or CBF event and both groups are UIM members so you can attend world level events. Our thought is this might also be the right first step to grow things locally and then host your own sanctioned/insured club level PWC races in Ontario. We have some classes that might suit teaming up with you to eventually host your own races and grow futher (Inflatable tunnel, SLT racing for example).

    Our club is very social. All sites have camping and 75% of teams camp, gathering around camp fires or lanterns, whip out the guitar and cooler and have a great time. Family involvement, kids can start racing at 9 in our sport. Our speeds range from 40mph to 85 mph. We typically have about 60-70 entries at a race in Ontario. We have medics and ambulance on site, rescue boat, patrol boats and usually a diver.

    I plan to be at the PWC test/play session in Burlington on Thursday Aug 26, I know there is GTA club hosting a club race on the 28th, but I am at a family wedding that day or I would come to get first have view of racing.

    I have approval from CBF and APBA and K&K insurance to hold a demo of PWC racing at one of our local races on October 2-3 (near Hamilton) and would like to meet people at the Aug 26 test day that might be interested and fill me in better on how your sport works, what you need, etc...

    If things work out with us, it would also open doors to other boat racing groups adding you (some that would pay prize money) and also to getting sites in towns that we know want racing but have water that doesn't suit our needs but might yours (water too open or rough for example)

    Anyway, I hope to meet a few of you on the 26th.

    Here is a link to a video on our sport to give you a feel for what we do:

    Here is a link to our club newsletter:


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    This sounds like exactly what canadian racing needs.
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