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    Saskatoon, SK.
    Rickter XFS, Yam FX1


    All RRP parts (and Rickter hulls) are available thru me. The cast pole is $799 (havent seen a broken one yet), $975 for billet, red or black available. $265 for the steering kits, very smooth steering!! you can email me (no duty, all parts are in stock in Canada)

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    Sechelt B.C.
    1990 550sx and 2006 800sxr


    Is there anywhere in Canada that does impeller work similar to Impros? I was thinking of getting my impeller re-pitched and set back instead of forking out for a new one. Looking for a Canadian supplier for TBM or R&D pump cone too. I like to support the Canadian market whenever I can.

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    email sent rob
    Look for us on facebook - Canadian Freestyle
    stocking Authorised Airtime products, Hot Products, Powerfactor products, Gecko head gear, swift lift, jet lift totes/carts & Hydroturf dealer and also
    RAGE composites - BRAWLER HULL

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