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    Default 2011 Waterdawg ROK based on Yamaha Super jet

    Basic Specifications

    2010 Waterdawg ROK Hull(105lbs)
    Waterdawg Pin latch system
    Hood Straps
    Turfed Rails
    Complete with Foot holds, "pump dump" one way valve
    Air Time Products Billet pole complete with -1"steering system, Straight Bars
    Pole Limiting Rope
    Umi Finger Throttle and ODI Rouge Grips

    Ported 718cc Motor
    Airtime Products Girdled Head
    Air Time Products FLAME Total Loss Ignition, completely programable with two curves on rotary switch
    Factory Limited B-Pipe Matched and modified by Team Scream with Stinger Mod
    Air Time Products Waterbox
    Air Time Products Single Carb intake, with carbon fibre reeds
    Air Time Products Single 48mm Annular Discharge Freestyle Carb
    Tauceti Tornado Flame arrestor
    Kart Tank
    Air Time Products Billet drive couplers
    Carbon Fibre coupler cover
    144mm Set Back Skat Trac Magnum Pump with 14/19 Skat Trak Prop
    Air Time Products Freestyle Nozzle

    Already Back Flip Trained!

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails DSC01934.jpg   DSC01783.jpg   DSCN0151.jpg
    Look for us on facebook - Canadian Freestyle
    stocking Authorised Airtime products, Hot Products, Powerfactor products, Gecko head gear, swift lift, jet lift totes/carts & Hydroturf dealer and also
    RAGE composites - BRAWLER HULL

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