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    Default new carburators for older seadoo

    does any one know where to buy carburators for a 1998 seadoo gtx ltd. I was told they are around 1000.00 and are hard to find. new to the sport just bought this machine 2 months ago.took to a mechanic he said the carb adjustments are ceased but it was fine as is. took out once it was fine took out again was crusing about 40 mph then it stalled. started up again and would only run at 2000 rpm. had to idle back to launch. got home the fuel filter was dirty and so was the gas tank took out tank and cleaned. ran fine on the garden hose reved up idled. but when put in water could not even get it to run good enough to leave the dock. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    I would check out eBay or (not to redirect you to another forum but) check out the forum and they have a pretty decent Buy & Sell section. Also you can post the issue you're having in their Sea Doo Technical Discussion area and likely get an answer pretty quickly. Bill O'Neill from Watercraft Magic is a regular there and can typically identify what the issue is likely to be with a good description.

    Good luck, carbs can definitely be challenging!

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    Sounds like your fuel system needs a good cleaning.
    and most likely still running the stock grey hoses which are a ticking time bomb...
    do yourself a favor and replace them all with fuel injection hoses and then clean your carbs out good an try again.

    Manuals are available online for both your seadoo and your carbs.

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