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    Default 1908's Kawasaki 440 superjet question

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ID:	2202Hello, I know nothing about the kawasaki's. My friend has an 80's 440 superjet, needs that electrical box thing that is mounted on the inside edge of the engine compartment closest to the back of the compartment where the strap locks down the cover. It started smoking when he tried to start it. need to knwo what that is called or what part would have been fried. Please help thank you
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    That thing's from 1908 eh? lol

    Remove the box and open it. There will be a few different electrical components. See if any of them have obvious signs of burning. It could be as simple as a burnt wire. If you can't tell you can troubleshoot most of the parts easily. If you post a picture or describe the part that is fried, I should be able to tell you what it is. These machines have good electrical parts all over ebay, so finding that part won't be hard.

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    thanks for the info, but found a complete Ebox from a guy on another site. Will look at the damaged one after I get the new one installed and use as a spare

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