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    whitby ont.
    polaris msx150

    Unhappy msx 150 drive issue

    My 2004 mxs150 has broken the bolts in the crankshaft that go through the flywheel.Has anyone have information on this.Dealer says ski not worth fixing.Only 134hrs on machine and taken very good care of.WHAT TO DO? In jan.2012 flywheel and shaft assembly was sent to machine shop to be tested.The shaft is within spec. and the flywheel is not out of round or causes a vibration on a lathe.still no answers. HELP More to come as we get deeper into it. I have taken apart the drive.I sent out the driveshaft and flywheel to be tested.The shaft came back only .oo3 out from one end to the other and flywheel is also good.Now looking at all the bearings and mounts.JUNE 12 We found the bearing was seized somewhat and have rebuilt it with new parts.PROBLEM we are unable to tighten up the shaft,and unable to find a tool.HELP
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